Tuesday, February 5, 2013

TV Time

I'm going to admit something here and I hope you will keep an open mind. I watch a lot of TV. No, for real, I do. I even sometimes plan my schedule around certain TV shows. I wouldn't say I'm obsessed, per se, (because I could stop whenever I wanted) but I do feel emotionally attached to some of my favorite characters (ok, maybe I am obsessed). Here is a list of my favorite TV shows that I am currently watching:

1. New Girl
I have been told that I am somewhat similar to Jess and I take that as a compliment. I only wish I was as awesome as she is. Truly, this show is hysterical, every character is funny. Schmidt probably makes me laugh the hardest. If you have never watched this show, do yourself a favor and go watch an episode right now! I literally make no plans on Tuesday night so I can watch this show.
2. The Mindy Project
Another show on Fox (Fox knows what they're doing) that cracks me up. I've also had people tell me that I remind them of the non-Indian version of Mindy, again, taken as a compliment. This show also has a hilarious cast and the writing is hysterical. The following clip had me laughing so hard I was crying. I could totally relate! After watching this clip, I turned to my husband and said "Don't you EVER try on my jeans!"
3. Big Bang Theory
This show is on it's sixth season and it's still just as good, if not better, than the first. This is the only show that I have all of the seasons on DVD. You don't really get tired of seeing the episodes multiple times, kind of like Friends (which is like the highest compliment I could give a show). Sheldon is my favorite, but isn't he everyone's favorite?
4. Downton Abbey
This is the only drama I have on my list, but it is soooooo good! The acting is excellent and the set is gorgeous! I know it's super popular right now, but it's popular for a reason! Please, do yourself a favor and start from the beginning. If for no other reason than Dame Maggie Smith as the Dowager.
Of course there are other shows that I love, but these are the ones that I make sure to watch every week. What about you, do you like any of these shows? What is your favorite show to watch?


  1. First, I LOVE every one of these shows, but the clip for The Mindy Project...I can't even begin to count how many times I've watched it! Freakin' hilarious! Unless it happened to me and then we'd have serious problems. But I love her and want to be her real life friend!

    1. I want to be her real life friend too! She's hilarious!

  2. Adore Downton Abbey! We also currently watch The Bachelor (as everyone now knows!), Survivor, the Amazing Race, The Office, Parks & Rec, and Homeland!

    1. Now that Downton Abbey is over until next season, I think we're going to start watching Parks & Rec. From what clips I've seen, it looks hilarious! I know a lot of people that watch Homeland, but from what they've told me, I think it would stress me out too much!


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