Monday, February 17, 2014

What I Liked Last Week

Crunch wrap supreme

When I was in college, we used to go on midnight runs to Taco Bell at least one night a week. I always got a crunch wrap supreme with a large Mountain Dew (no surprise that I gained 25 pounds in college). After graduation and working hard to lose that college weight, I swore off crunch wrap supremes. But I don't think I would feel bad for eating this lightened up, vegetarian version from Elsie and Emma. It looks delish!

Ten Reasons Why I Switched To Team Cricut

I have never used a Silhouette or a Cricut, but I have to say that Mandi makes an excellent argument for the new Cricut Explore. I think of all the things I could make with that awesome tool. (It cuts leather, wood, felt, essentially anything in the world you would ever want to cut!) It doesn't come out until March, but I think it might be something that I save up for and buy.

How To Decorate a Baby's Room

I'm not pregnant, but that doesn't stop me from looking at baby blogs in preparation for a baby of my own someday. This post has some great tips for decorating a nursery. 

Domestic Fashionista is one of my favorite blogs and every year Ashley hosts a Valentine's Day Tea for some special ladies in her life. I love seeing pictures from her Valentine's Day tea, everything is always so girly and feminine. Although I would have to wait a whole other year to host my own Valentine's Day tea, it gives me great inspiration for hosting a tea for any occasion or wedding shower or baby shower.


I talked on Friday about how I'm jumping on the White Faux Taxidermy love bandwagon. Right now I can think of 3 different places in my house where a faux deer head would look awesome. I don't know if I can get G on the love bandwagon with me, but I'm going to try :)

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