Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 2014 Goals

Last month was my first time setting monthly goals and I have to say, I think I did rather well! (Especially since February was a short month with some unexpected events.)

Turquoise vase of brilliant yellow daffodils. This reminds me of the sun bursting through an endless spring sky.

To review, my February Goals: 
  • Finish sewing curtains and hang them in the living room. Check! These bad boys are hemmed and hung, I'll be posting the updated look soon.
  • Style bookcases in the living room. I did not get the bookcases styled. I was planning on it, but just didn't get around to it. I'm trying to decide whether I want to do it a little at a time, or in one fell swoop.
  • Hang items for kitchen gallery wall. This is technically half done since it's not completely finished, but I got everything hung that I could right now. I still need to find 1 or 2 more things to hang. I'm thinking about framing some old recipe cards from my grandmothers.
  • Plant daffodil bulbs. Check! My bulbs are planted and seem to be doing well. But I'm worried that the late snow might kill some of the new buds. I'm really going to be glad when spring finally gets here!
  • Plan spring garden. Also check! I am so excited about having a garden this year! I made a compost bin a few weeks ago, but I think it will be a few more weeks until I can start using it in the garden. I still have to finalize what kind/how much of each vegetable I'm going to plant, but other than that, I am ready to get my hands dirty!

March Goals:
  • Style bookcases in living room.
  • Build raised bed and plant garden.
  • Celebrate Lent.
  • Wash all of the windows (this one scares me). 
  • Hang shelves in Dining room.


  1. Ah, spring cleaning goals, I love seeing this!

  2. Love the raised bed goal - we'll be planting ours this month, too! And I love the idea of framing the recipe cards!

  3. I love raised garden beds - they are so aesthetically pleasing, but my husband is not on board. We don't have a yard of our own yet so it doesn't much matter, I'm hoping I can change his mind when we do!

  4. Ahh a spring garden sounds so lovely, my dear! Xx.


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