Thursday, March 13, 2014

My Favorite Blogs Part 1

I read a lot of blogs, it's true. And I talk about the writers of these blogs as if I know them in real life. Sometimes, my husband has had to clarify if the person I was telling him about was someone I actually know or if it was someone whose blog I read.

So I thought I would share with you some of my favorite blogs so you can talk about these people like you know them in real life too (and I won't be the only weird one). Some are pretty well known and some might be new to you, but I am pretty selective on my blog reading (I had to pare down the list about a month ago since it was getting so long and there was no way I would be able to keep up with all of them).

I use Bloglovin to follow blogs and keep them organized (you should follow me on there!). I keep my blogs organized by assigning them to 1 of 6 categories: Baby, Beauty, Food, Home, Lifestyle, and Wedding (Bloglovin allows you to make as many categories as you would like and label them however you prefer). Another feature of Bloglovin that I use a lot is the ability to "like" blog posts. What I usually do is like a post now and pin it later, but I can get pretty backed up on my pinning, that is why I have 257 liked posts right now.

Now on to my favorite blogs.....I'll start with some of my favorite "Baby," "Beauty," and "Wedding" blogs.

Baby: No, I am not pregnant, but that does not stop me from looking at beautiful nurseries and baby showers. I only follow two baby blogs, but they are two of the best ones out there.

Baby Parker and His Sweet, Calm Nursery

Lay Baby Lay has some super cute nursery mood boards and real nursery posts. I also really like Joni's style and she has thrown some awesome birthday parties. (And her daughters are adorable!)

On to Baby has some gorgeous nurseries and beautiful baby showers, but I love the newborn shoots the best.

Beauty: I follow only one beauty blog, but I'm not much into hair and makeup so this one blog is enough for me.  #hair #hairtutorial #updo #weddinghair #bridesmaidhair

The Small Things Blog has some great hair and makeup video tutorials. I've followed this blog diligently for the past couple of years and I definitely value her opinion on different products. Kate is one of those people that I talk about as if I knew her in real life. I was so happy for her when she found out she was having a baby, it felt like one of my friends had told me that she was pregnant, that's how excited I was.

Wedding: Yes, I still follow wedding blogs even though I'm married, but I did drastically cut the number of wedding blogs I was reading after I got married. I think the number of wedding blogs that I was reading while planning my wedding (and before I got engaged) was around 20 or so, now I only read a couple.

polka dots + poufs | Ashley Seawell #wedding

Southern Weddings is definitely my favorite wedding blog and it would also be in my Top 5 favorite blog of all time. The SW gals are probably the ones my husband hears about the most, I'm always talking about what they're up to. As a married woman, they still have a lot of posts that are relevant to me, like tips for a happy marriage from couples who have been married for years, but it doesn't hurt that I still love to look at all things wedding related.

So those are a few of my favorite blogs! Hopefully I introduced you to some that you weren't familiar with already that you can start to follow and enjoy. What about you? Are there any Baby, Beauty or Wedding blogs that you would recommend?

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