Friday, March 14, 2014

The Friday Five

1. This week it finally felt like spring, so I bought some flowers to celebrate. (This was taken just two days before.) It's amazing the impact a bunch of Baby's Breath can make.

Photo: This makes me happy. #springtime

2. Target is having a massive spring home sale. I am loving this pouf!

Threshold™ Kilim Square Pouf

3. Like I mentioned last week, a Homegoods store opened near me last weekend. A friend and I went on opening day and it was CRAZY busy! People love them some Homegoods :) I was good and only bought a couple of small things, (it would have been too difficult trying to navigate a cart anyway). I left with some linen napkins that I'm going to add a little lace to like these that I saw at Pier 1 last week. 


4. This is the weekend that we build and plant our garden!!! (I don't think 3 exclamation marks can adequately convey how excited I am.) I'm already dreaming about the fresh vegetables we'll get to enjoy, but I'm trying not to count my chickens before they hatch (or should that be don't count my plants before they sprout?).

raised garden beds

5. Pretty sure I'm making this strawberry coffeecake for breakfast on Saturday morning. It'll give us some energy for our day of working outside.

Strawberry Coffeecake // take a megabite

Five on Friday


  1. I am now wanting a veggie garden myself. My husband and I are not handy so we will either be buying planter boxes that are already done or hiring our handyman to build some for us!

  2. I love the arrangement on your table! Such a nice touch of spring. Do y'all build those planters for your garden? Such a neat idea! Happy Friday :)

  3. I loveeeee Baby's breath! It last so long and a ton of it looks amazing! Love

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  4. Oh I love that pitcher! I think I saw this picture when you posted on Instagram and began plotting how I could get a pitcher like this! adore simple white kitchen items! gorgeous! xo

  5. Love the raised garden idea, and the baby's breath.

  6. Hooray for garden growing! #5 looks delish. mmm

  7. I love baby's breath! So simple, yet so beautiful and classic.
    I saw that Target sale in their newspaper ad this weekend, and I'm trying to stay away so my husband doesn't take my credit card away! haha ;)

  8. Hello from the link up! Loving the baby's breath! Happy gardening :) Fresh veggies from the garden sound amazing does the strawberry coffeecake! Have a fab weekend!

  9. I cannot wait to see your garden... we are working on ours this weekend also!! And the baby's breath... oh I could smell it from here. :)

  10. Those babybreath are beautiful. And I love that pouf, and the other prints it comes in; and the fact it's called a pouf :)

  11. So much goodness here! Love baby's breath, I need to hit up the Target sales and Homegoods is my weakness!


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