Friday, March 21, 2014

The Friday Five

1. Spring? Is that you? Are you here to stay? The weather has warmed up and I'm hoping it's here to stay although I have heard rumors that there might be a late snowstorm next week. But I'm not going to think about that, instead, I'm going to think of all the fun things I am going to do this spring. One of my favorite blogs, Southern Weddings, has a great list of fun stuff to do this spring, I'm hoping I can mark off almost all of them.

A printable copy can be found here

2. I built my raised garden beds last weekend. All by myself!!! G was helping his Dad, so it was up to me to get it done. I have to admit, later that night I sure was sore from hauling all of those bags of dirt. I am using the gardening method that is described in this book. I am following the instructions exactly, so I'm hoping it works out well. I haven't planted my seeds yet, it would have been too cold this week, but I'm planning on getting them planted this weekend. 

Photo: I know it may not look like much, but I built those with my own hands. #springgarden

3. I can't believe Easter is only a month away! This year is really flying by. Easter is my second favorite holiday (after Fourth of July), and I love all of the traditions that my family had growing up. My favorite Easter tradition is the Sunrise Service at church, we went every year when I was younger. There is something so holy and sacred about reading the resurrection story at dawn. I'm also looking forward to decorating my house, I love this pillow!


4. Now that the seasons are changing, I'm getting the urge to change my hair. Do you get that hankering too? I don't really want to cut it because I like having long hair during the summer, but I'm thinking about changing the color. During college I experimented a lot with my hair color, I even had hot pink streaks at one time, but I've stuck with my natural color for the past couple of years. I really like the ombre look and am thinking about doing that, what do you think?


5. It's Tournament Time! I'm from NC so we tend not to be as big into college football as our fellow Southerners, but we sure love us some college basketball! I was raised an NC State fan and God blessed me with marrying a fellow NC State fan so we're able to cheer as a house united :) We weren't sure the Wolfpack were going to be able to go to the "big dance" but we sure were excited when they got in (and they were too). What about you, is your team in the tourney? *Update* NC State lost last night and we're pretty sad about it. If you're cheering for your team, I hope they did better than ours. 


Five on Friday


  1. I just changed my hair too for spring. I went for a honey blonde color instead of my usual dirty blonde.

  2. Do the ombré! I love it and it would look awesome on you!

  3. I am impressed with your raised beds, especially since it was a solo project! I want to add some to our backyard this year, but unfortunately I don't think it gets enough sun...

  4. LOVE that fun Springy list!!! Definitley going to join in on that fun. :) thanks for sharing!

  5. I love that hair color and the pillow is gorgeous! :)

  6. Spring + hair change is same for me! I have an appointment to go blonder tomorrow! And I am in love with that pillow :)! Xx.

  7. Just printed off that spring list, LOVE it! I actually just got my hair done on Friday and cut off 5 inches and did a liiittle ombre- you should totally go for it! Happy Sunday :)

  8. That hair color is gorgeous! I'm so anxious to get mine done! It's been way too long. :)


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