Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Bride & Groom Photos

This week I'll be sharing some photos of Geoff and I together. We took some pictures of just the two of us both before the ceremony and after the reception. We decided to have a first look so that we would be able to take pictures together and spend more time with our guests during the reception. I know there are a lot of arguments out there about whether to have a first look or not, but we are really glad we did it. And honestly, it didn't take anything away from seeing each other as I walked down the aisle. 



This is one of my favorites.

The photos below are the ones that we had taken after the reception. People don't tell you how exhausting your wedding day will be. Even though we had an early ceremony and short reception, we were worn out by the time these pictures were taken. I wish I had thought to fix my hair a little bit more and refresh my make-up.



Love Always Nancy J

Wedding Wednesday


  1. These are so pretty. I think we are doing a first look as well and I can't wait. I honestly can not wait to finally see Jeremy all dolled up! So exciting!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Thanks for linking up, i love all of these. We didn't do a first look (his choice) but I totally see and understand why they are a great idea. I love the bridge one

  3. Such cute photos! We actually haven't talked about 'first look' but I have an inkling he'll want to be traditional and weight until the ceremony. However, I mainly really, really love the idea of getting time to ourselves!

  4. You are so beautiful and you two look incredibly happy! I love these photos, especially when you two see each other for the first time! Priceless!

    I think First Looks are awesome! The moments and photos are so special. Even though we're not doing one I still think they are great - just depends on the couple!

    I'm going the traditional route: something about wearing a blusher over my face with the veil while walking down the aisle and my Dad pushing it back so Andrew is really the first to see my face is something I've always dreamed about! Silly and traditional? Absolutely. Doing it anyway! haha :) I am doing a First Look with my Dad and brother, though! I'm excited for those photos and moments!!


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