101 in 1001

Start date: January 1, 2013
Finish date: September 28, 2015
Goals complete: 0/101
Goals in progress: 3
Last updated: August 12, 2014

Items that are crossed out indicate completion
Items that are in italics are those that are in progress.

For the Mind:
1. Read 10 literary classics (1/10) [To Kill a Mockingbird, 1/13]
2. Attend a symphonic concert
3. Go an entire week without watching TV
4. Memorize a poem
5. Complete my degree
6. Attend a lecture
7. Learn to play a new instrument
8. Make a playlist of my favorite songs
9. Watch 5 classic black and white films that I've never watched before (0/5)

For the Body:
10. Practice Clean Eating for 2 weeks straight
11. Train for and run a 5K
12. Buy a new pair of boots
13. Do a pull-up
14. Drink only water for 14 days straight
15. Take an exercise dance class (preferably ballet)
16. Purchase a high-quality wardrobe staple
17. Find my signature scent
18. Buy a new pair of vision glasses (I'm really digging these)
19. Have a spa day
20. Practice yoga three times a week for three months (0/36)
21. Make my own body scrub

For the Spirit:
22. Attend an Easter sunrise service
23. Memorize a psalm or a prayer
24. Go on a missions trip
25. Celebrate the Lenten season
26. Write in a prayer journal for 40 days (0/40)
27. Write a letter to 3 people who have helped shape my spiritual life (0/3)
28. Do a Beth Moore study every year (1/3) [Revelation, Spring 2013]
29. Get up early enough to do a devotion before work every day for a week
30. Sing in The Messiah at Christmas
31. Attend Mass
32. Read a book by C.S. Lewis that I haven't already read

For the Adventurer in Me:
33. Visit 3 places that I've never been to before (1/3) [Baltimore, MD July 2014]
34. Try a new cuisine
35. Shoot at a gun range
36. Take a photography class
37. Have our wedding featured on Southern Weddings
38. Go camping
39. Obtain a passport
40. Pick my own fruit at a farm
41. Go on a picnic
42. Visit a National Park
43. Open an etsy store
44. Go zip-lining
45. Go see Mumford and Sons in concert
46. Go legit birdwatching (with binoculars and everything)
47. Take a train ride
48. Send my resume to a wedding coordinator
49. Tailgate at a football game
50. Stay at a bed and breakfast
51. Attend a Cirque du Soleil performance
52. Have a "staycation" (a vacation in our city)
53. Go skiing
54. Get a new banner for the blog

For the Home:
55. Create an art piece to display in our home
56. Plant a vegetable garden
57. Buy 3 coffee table books (1/3)
58. Sew curtains
59. Build something designed by Ana White
60. Make-over a piece of furniture more about that here
61. Wash all of the windows in the spring
62. Invest in a piece of art that Geoff and I both love
63. Complete an office/workroom
64. Make my own detergent
65. Build a bird house
66. Make a fresh flower arrangement for every season (0/4)
67. Paint the kitchen cabinets

In the Kitchen:
68. Learn how to make biscuits
69. Host a "grown-up" dinner party
70. Try 101 new recipes (3/101)
71. Make some kind of preserves
72. Bake my own bread
73. Bake a cake from scratch
74. Make a meal plan for 12 weeks (12/12)
75. Take a cooking class
76. Make a recipe book with all of my favorite recipes
77. Buy a cute apron (preferably from Anthropologie)

For the Future:
78. Make a baby quilt
79. Create a wedding album
80. Collect 5 of my favorite childhood books (0/5)
81. Have my wedding dress cleaned and preserved
82. Interview grandparents and record their memories
83. Make a wedding memory box
84. Pay off credit card debt
85. Work on making a new 101 in 1001 list
86. Subscribe to 5 magazines (3/5) [Better Homes & Gardens, Country Living, Southern Living]
87. Make a new friend

For Others:
88. Pack a shoebox every year for Operation Christmas Child (0/3)
89. Create a greeting card collection
90. Send a handwritten letter to 10 friends (0/10)
91. Pay for someone in the drive-thru line behind me
92. Make and take a meal to someone
93. Write 5 emails to report excellent service (0/5)
94. Help plan a wedding
95. Plan and execute 5 special dates with Geoff (0/5)
96. Make a handmade birthday present for each person in my immediate family (0/5)
97. See "the girls" every year (0/3)
98. Use only reusable bags at the grocery store for a month
99. Throw a wedding or baby shower
100. Mail a holiday card to someone different each month for a year (0/12)
101. Take a welcome gift to a new neighbor


  1. I LOVE this! This just may inspire me to make a list of my own.

  2. This is GREAT! I am also inspired to start up my blog!

  3. Love your list!! I have one also and it has been so much fun to mark things off during the past few months! :) Good luck with yours!!



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