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Hi! My name is Laura and I am proud to say that I am a born and raised North Carolinian. After a 4-year stint in Tennessee for college, I was able to return to my homeland where I am happy to live out the remainder of my days. I love all things Martha Stewart, I hoard magazines, I'm addicted to Coke Zero, and listening to Mumford and Sons makes my heart happy.

In 2009, I met a guy in the single's class at church and we got married in October 2012. I praise God for his faithfulness (because I was really starting to give up hope that I would ever meet the one whom my soul loves).

I'm still trying to navigate the waters as a new Mrs. but am thankful for the love and support of the Mr. (he always says he enjoyed dinner, even when we both know it was barely edible).

I want this blog to be a place where I can share both the good and the bad as I try to make our house a home, keep my husband fed, and draw closer to my Lord.

And a little about the name; as a proper southern girl, I use many southern phrases and expressions. But "Oh gracious!" is definitely my favorite and most commonly used.

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  1. Beautiful Blog! Looking forward to more posts!



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